Section 6-6-455

Proceedings when garnishee liable for delivery of personal property.

If the garnishee is liable for the delivery of personal property or for the payment of money which may be discharged by the delivery of personal property, the value of the property must be ascertained and a judgment entered against the garnishee that if he does not, by a day to be fixed by the court which must be a day after the maturity of such contract, deliver such property to the sheriff or other lawful officer, he must pay the value thereof or the sum of money which was payable therein. Upon the return of the sheriff or such other officer that such property was not delivered or the value thereof or such sum of money was not paid to him as required by the judgment, execution must be issued for the ascertained value of such property or for the sum of money payable therein, if the same is less than the amount of the judgment against the defendant in the original action, or, if more or equal thereto, for the amount thereof. If such property is delivered to the sheriff or other lawful officer, he must proceed to a sale thereof as if under execution against the defendant.

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