Section 6-6-520

Complaint to preserve estate of intemperate from waste and for general relief.

(a) When any person over 19 years of age or any person under 19 years of age who has been relieved of the disabilities of nonage is, by reason of intemperance, unfit to manage his estate, or is wasting or squandering it and thereby in danger of being reduced to poverty and want, his wife or her husband, brother or sister, father or mother, next of kin, or any or either of them may, themselves or by their next friend, if minors, file their complaint to preserve the estate of such intemperate person from further waste and for general relief.

(b) The complaint provided for in subsection (a) of this section must specify the cause for which relief is requested and the estate proposed to be secured, and such person of intemperate habits must be made a party defendant thereto.

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