Section 6-6-543

Trial by jury or determination by court; entry and effect of judgment.

Upon the application of either party in a proceeding under Section 6-6-540, a trial by jury shall be directed to determine the issues or any specified issue of fact presented by the pleadings, and the court is bound by the result, but may, for sufficient reasons, order a new trial thereof; and when a trial by jury is not requested, or as to the facts for which the same is not requested, the court shall consider and determine any title, claim, interest, or encumbrance. The court shall, upon the finding of the jury or upon such consideration and determination, finally adjudge whether the defendant has any right, title, or interest in, or encumbrance upon, such lands, or any part thereof, what such right, title, interest, or encumbrance is and in or upon what part of the lands the same exists; and such judgment is binding and conclusive upon all the parties to the action.

(Code 1896, §812; Code 1907, §5446; Code 1923, §9908; Code 1940, T. 7, §1112.)