Section 6-6-597

Addition of person rightly entitled to office; entry of judgment on such right; delivery of books, papers, and property.

(a) When the action is commenced against a person for usurping an office, the name of the person rightly entitled to the office, with a statement of his right thereto, may be added, and, when added, judgment may be entered upon the right of the defendant and also upon the right of the party so alleged to be entitled or only upon the right of the defendant, as justice may require.

(b) If judgment is entered upon the right of the person so alleged to be entitled and the same is in favor of such person, he is entitled, after taking the oath of office and executing such official bond as may be required, to take upon himself the execution of the office, and it is his duty, immediately thereafter, to demand of the defendant all the books, papers, and property in his custody, or within his power, belonging to the office. On refusal or neglect to deliver over the same, he may be proceeded against as is prescribed by the provisions of this Code to compel the delivery of books, papers, property, and money by public officers to successors.

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