Section 6-6-623

Appointment - Partnerships; power of court to make orders relative to partnership business, etc.; modification or vacation of appointment or orders.

(a) When any partnership shall be dissolved and the partners cannot agree upon the disposition of the partnership effects and the settlement of the affairs of such partnership, either of them may apply to the circuit court for the county in which either of said partners resides or in which the property of such partnership is situated for the appointment of a receiver to hold the business and all of the estate, both real and personal, belonging to such partnership and dispose of, manage and apply the same as the said court may direct. Upon receiving such application, said court shall forthwith appoint a day for the hearing upon the same and shall make such order relative to notice of such application and of the hearing to the other partners as may be deemed proper. The hearing shall be at least six days from the service of such order or notice, and such court, upon said hearing, may appoint a receiver for said partnership who shall be subject to the orders of said court.

(b) The said court shall have the power to make such orders relative to the management or closing up of the business of such partnership and to the sale, division, or other disposal of its real and personal estate as may be necessary to protect the rights and interests of each partner and of the creditors of such partnership.

(c) Upon the appointment of a receiver for a partnership, he shall be entitled to the immediate possession and control of all its property, both real and personal, subject to the order of said court; but any such appointment or any order of said court may be modified or vacated on the application to said court of any party to such proceedings, reasonable notice of such application and of the time and place of the hearing thereon having first been given to every other party.

(Code 1923, §§10119-10121; Code 1940, T. 7, §§1162-1164.)