Section 6-6-682

Judgment in favor of clerk of appellate court; copy of execution and certification of clerk as evidence.

(a) Judgment must, in like manner, be entered in favor of the clerk of an appellate court against the sheriff or coroner, on three days' notice:

(1) For failure to return an execution from that court;

(2) For making a false return thereon;

(3) For failing to make the money thereon when by due diligence it could have been made; or

(4) For failing on demand to pay over money collected on execution, for the penalties prescribed in this division for the same defaults on executions issued from the circuit court.

(b) On the trial of the motion by such clerk, a copy of the execution made and certified by him with the return thereon, if any was made, or a statement that no return was made, if such be the fact, together with his certificate that the execution was received by the sheriff or sent to him by mail is evidence of the facts so certified, without producing a transcript of the record from the proceedings of an appellate court, and also presumptive evidence that the writ was received by the sheriff, unless he states, under oath in writing, that he never received the writ or that he returned it according to law.

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