Section 6-6-720

Entry of summary judgment in favor of state against certain defaulters or sureties.

Summary judgment must be entered in favor of the state against the defaulters named in this section and their sureties, or either, in any court of the county of their residence having jurisdiction, on 10 days' notice, in the following cases:

(1) Against any tax assessor for making up a false or fraudulent assessment, in each case, for not more than $500, and such tax assessor may also be imprisoned in the county jail for not exceeding three months;

(2) Against any county treasurer or county depositaries, or any officer or agency of the county charged with the duty and custody of receiving and paying out county funds, for failing to pay over the excess of purchase money as provided in the revenue law to the former owner of any property sold for taxes, for not less than $200;

(3) Against any judge of probate for failing to make out and forward abstracts, reports, or returns according to the requirements of the revenue law, for not more than $500;

(4) Against any tax collector for knowingly collecting more taxes from a taxpayer than authorized by law or justified by the assessment, in each case, for not more than $500; and

(5) Against any tax collector for not paying over surplus of sale of any property sold by him for the payment of taxes as required by law, for not more than $100.

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