Section 6-7-103

Action for improper appointment of guardians ad litem; statute of limitations thereon; liability for suggestion of appointment by plaintiff, etc.

(a) Any judge, register, clerk, or other officer who shall knowingly appoint any person as guardian ad litem for any infant or non compos mentis in violation of the provisions of the Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure, shall be liable to a penalty of $200, which may be recovered by such infant or non compos mentis, or his next friend suing for him, in an action in any court having jurisdiction of civil actions for such amount. Such a claim shall not be barred by the statute of limitations until after two years after the arrival of the infant at the age of 19 years or the restoration of the non compos mentis to sanity.

(b) Any plaintiff or petitioner, his attorney, or counsel, or any person for him who shall suggest or nominate a guardian ad litem in any action commenced by such plaintiff or petitioner shall be liable to the same penalty and action as provided for in subsection (a) of this section.

(Code 1907, §§4483, 4484; Code 1923, §§8257, 8258; Code 1940, T. 7, §§178, 179.)