Section 6-7-30

Proceedings when defendant involved in bankruptcy.

In any civil action in any court in this state in which the defendant has been adjudicated a bankrupt, in which a defendant has filed a petition in bankruptcy or against whom a petition in bankruptcy has been filed, it shall be the duty of the court in which such civil action is pending to proceed with the trial of such action, if leave to do so is granted by the bankruptcy court, and to enter judgment in accordance with the law and the evidence in the case. The court in which such civil action is pending shall also have authority, and it shall be its duty, to grant such stay of execution against such defendant as may be appropriate or as may be provided for in the order of the bankruptcy court, or to embody in the judgment entered in such case such provision as may be appropriate, or as may be provided in the order of said bankruptcy court, so as to limit the manner of enforcement of said judgment, or so as to limit the property from which such judgment may be collected or so as to limit the right of the plaintiff to the right to collect said judgment from others or another who may be liable or responsible for such judgment by virtue of a contract or arrangement or relationship with the said defendant.

(Acts 1959, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 39, p. 76.)