Section 6-8-40

Subscribing, taking, and filing of weekly newspapers by probate judges.

(a) Required. The judges of the several courts of probate must subscribe for, take and file in their respective offices one copy of each weekly newspaper published in their respective counties and, as soon as practicable after the end of each year, shall cause the number of such papers for the preceding year to be well bound and shall keep the same safely in their respective offices as the property of their respective counties. The respective county commissions must allow to such officers the sums paid by them for such subscription and binding.

(b) Exceptions. The duties imposed in subsection (a) of this section shall be and remain subject to such exceptions and modifications as have heretofore or as may hereafter be provided by law with respect to particular counties, however identified.

(c) Newspaper not published in county. If in any county there is no newspaper published, such officers may take and bind the papers of any adjoining county, in which the public printing and advertising of such county may be done.

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