Section 8-12-23

Issuance of search warrant for containers unlawfully used or held.

Whenever any person, corporation, or their agent shall make oath before any judge that he has reason to believe, and does believe, that any of his bottles, boxes, siphons, fountains, or kegs, a description of the name, marks, or devices whereon has been filed and published as provided in Section 8-12-20, are being unlawfully used, filled, or had by any person or corporation manufacturing or selling soda, mineral, or aerated waters, cider, ginger ale, milk, cream, beer, ale, or other beverages, or that any junk dealer, dealer in secondhand articles, vendor of bottles, or any person or corporation has any such bottles, boxes, siphons, fountains, or kegs in his possession or secreted in any place, such judge must issue a search warrant to discover and seize such property, whereupon such proceedings must be had as in other cases in which search warrants have issued.

(Code 1896, §5570; Code 1907, §7321; Code 1923, §4902; Code 1940, T. 57, §92.)