Section 8-13-6

License - Investigation; investigation fee; cost of independent audit; applicant's refusal to pay investigation fee and costs.

(a) When an application for a license to conduct a going out of business sale or distress merchandise sale is filed, the probate judge to whom the application is made shall make such investigation as he deems necessary prior to the public hearing hereinafter provided.

(b) The applicant shall pay to such probate judge at the time the application is filed a fee of $10 for making such an investigation, and if such probate judge deems it necessary to have an independent inventory or audit of the applicant's books made, he shall advise the applicant of the cost of such independent inventory or audit and applicant shall pay such amount to such probate judge to be used by him to pay the cost of such inventory and/or audit.

(c) The applicant's refusal to pay the fee and costs hereinabove provided and his refusal to permit examination of his books and records or his goods, wares and merchandise is ground for refusal by such probate judge to issue a license.

(Acts 1965, No. 553, p. 1027, §5.)