Section 8-13-9

License - When probate judge to issue license.

A license shall be issued to an applicant when the probate judge to whom the application for a going out of business sale or distress merchandise sale is made is satisfied after investigation and public hearing that:

(1) The applicant intends to discontinue his business at the location designated in the application on the date specified therein if such sale is a going out of business sale;

(2) The applicant's inventory, on hand and on order, is not out of proportion to the stock normally carried by such applicant;

(3) The applicant has not purchased or otherwise acquired goods, wares, or merchandise for the purpose of conducting a going out of business sale or distress merchandise sale;

(4) The goods, wares, or merchandise to be offered for sale are those of a bona fide merchant of the State of Alabama;

(5) No misrepresentation of the goods to be sold has been made or will be practiced; and

(6) The applicant has complied with the provisions of this chapter in all other respects not specifically set forth in this section.

(Acts 1965, No. 553, p. 1027, §12.)