Section 8-16-6

Duties generally of commissioner respecting weights and measures.

With respect to weights and measures, the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries shall have the following duties:

(1) To try and prove by the state standards, at least once in five years, all weights, measures, and other apparatus which may belong to any county or city and shall seal such when found to be accurate, stamping on them the letter "A" and the last two figures of the year with seals which he or she shall have and keep for that purpose.

(2) To have and keep a general supervision of the weights, measures, and weighing and measuring devices offered for sale, sold, or in use in the state.

(3) Upon the written request of any citizen, firm, corporation, or educational institution in the state, to test or calibrate weights, measures, weighing, or measuring devices, and instruments or apparatus used as standards in this state.

(4) To assure that at least once annually all scales, weights, and measures used in checking the receipts and disbursements of supplies in every institution for the maintenance of which moneys are appropriated by the Legislature are inspected, and report in writing his or her findings through the supervisory board and to the executive officer of the institution concerned. At the request of such board or executive officer, the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries shall appoint in writing one or more employees then in the actual service of each institution who shall act as special deputy or deputies, without extra compensation, for the purpose of checking the receipts and disbursements of supplies.

(5) To include a report of the work done by his or her office in his or her general report to the State Board of Agriculture and Industries.

(6) To inspect all standards and apparatus used by the counties and cities at least once in five years and shall keep a record of the same.

(7) At least once in five years, to visit the various cities and counties of the state in order to inspect the work of the local sealers of weights and measures.

(8) To issue from time to time regulations for guidance for city and county sealers, and the regulations shall govern the procedure to be followed by these officers in the discharge of their duties.

(Ag. Code 1927, §232; Code 1940, T. 2, §591; Act 2013-212, p. 485, §1.)