Section 8-16-95

Milk and cream bottles and containers - Capacities; markings; bond required of manufacturers.

(a) Bottles or other containers used for the sale of milk or cream shall be of the capacity of one gallon, three quarts, one-half gallon, one quart, one-third quart, one pint, one-half pint, and one gill.

(b) Each bottle or other container used for the sale of milk or cream shall be clearly and permanently marked with its capacity and with the word "sealed." For purposes of identification, such bottles and other containers shall also have clearly and permanently marked thereon the name, initials or trademark of the manufacturer and the manufacturer's mold designation which identifies the pattern or design of the bottles. The capacity designation and the word "sealed" shall be clearly and permanently marked on the side of the bottle or container.

(c) A bond of $1,000, with surety to be approved by the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, together with a complete description of the bottle or container, shall be furnished the commissioner by the manufacturer, conditioned upon their conformance with the requirements of this section and such regulations as may be promulgated by the State Board of Agriculture and Industries for the purposes of this section. A record of the bonds furnished and identification shall be kept in the office of the commissioner.

(Ag. Code 1927, §248; Code 1940, T. 2, §606; Acts 1951, No. 123, p. 352; Acts 1967, No. 431, p. 1100.)