Section 8-17-213

Requirement that consignee produce permit, etc., prior to delivery, sale, etc., of fireworks; requirement that purchaser of fireworks obtain proof that seller possesses permit; keeping of records by permit holders.

No person shall deliver, sell or ship fireworks into or within the State of Alabama unless the consignee produces the required permit or evidence that the consignee holds said permit. No person shall purchase fireworks from another person without first requiring proof that the proper permit required of the seller herein has been obtained and is current and valid. Each holder of a permit under the provisions of this article shall keep an accurate record of each shipment received. Each holder of a permit as distributor or wholesaler shall keep a record of each sale, delivery, or out shipment of fireworks. Such records shall be clear, legible, and accurate, showing the name and address of the seller or purchaser, item and quantity received or sold. Such records are to be kept at each place of business and shall be subject to examination by the State Fire Marshal or his deputies, who shall have the authority at any reasonable time to require any manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, or retailer to produce records for the current year and the immediately preceding full calendar year.

(Acts 1981, No. 81-409, p. 638, §4.)