Section 8-17-219

Conformance of permissible items to nomenclature of Section 8-17-217; identification marks on items.

No permissible article of fireworks or related items defined in Section 8-17-217 shall be sold, offered for sale or possessed within the state or used within the state, except as provided in Section 8-17-216 unless it shall be properly named to conform to the nomenclature of Section 8-17-217. Items must be identified on the shipping cases and by imprinting on the article or retail sales container or unit "D.O.T. Class C Common Fireworks" or other appropriate classification or identification as may be applicable or required by any federal agency having jurisdiction over fireworks on related items; such imprint to be of sufficient size and so positioned as to be readily recognized by law enforcement authorities and the general public.

(Acts 1981, No. 81-409, p. 638, §10.)