Section 8-17-23

Enforcement of article; approval and registration of brands and labels; rules and regulations.

The Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries shall enforce the provisions of this article as in the case of other provisions of Chapter 1 of Title 20, and may approve and register such brands and labels intended for use under the provisions of this article as may be submitted for that purpose and as may, in his or her judgment, conform to the requirements of this article; provided, that in any prosecution under this article the fact that any brand or label involved in such prosecution has not been submitted to the commissioner for approval or, if submitted, has not been approved by him or her shall be immaterial. In addition, the commissioner may make and adopt rules and regulations pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act as he or she deems necessary to carry out this article and may establish a filing fee to accompany each application for approval and registration of a brand or label.

(Acts 1927, No. 132, p. 90; Code 1940, T. 2, §54; Act 2004-516, p. 996, §1.)