Section 8-17-244

Refusing, suspending, revoking, or failing to renew certification.

(a) A person may be refused certification, a duly issued blaster certification may be suspended or revoked, or the renewal of certification may be refused by the office if it finds that the applicant for, or the holder of, the certification:

(1) Has violated this article or any other state or federal law relating to explosives, or has violated any regulation duly promulgated by the office.

(2) Has misrepresented or concealed any material fact in the application for a certificate, or identification card, or any document filed in support of those documents.

(3) Has permitted any employee of the person, either by direct instruction or by reasonable implication, to violate this article.

(4) Has been convicted by final judgment in any state or federal court of a felony.

(5) Has been terminated from employment due to possessing or being under the influence of intoxicants, or possessing or using illegal drugs.

(6) Has used explosives in an unsafe manner.

(b) Prior to the office refusing, suspending, revoking, or failing to renew a blaster certification card, the office shall notify the applicant or holder of a blaster certification card of the specific reason or reasons for the intended action. The applicant or holder of a blaster certification card shall have 10 days after receipt of the notice to respond to the office notice of proposed action by filing a written notification to the office and requesting a hearing before the office pursuant to the rules of the office.

(c) The office shall have 10 days after its receipt of the applicant's or the holder's response to either take the proposed action or issue the blaster certification card and notify the blaster of the decision. If the blaster disagrees with the action taken by the office, a hearing for the purpose of reconsidering the matter shall be set within 30 days of the action of the office.

(Acts 1993, No. 93-713, p. 1391, §5.)