Section 8-17-255

Sums collected to be credited to State Fire Marshal's Fund.

All sums received through the payment of fees, the recovery of civil penalties, grants, and appropriations by the Legislature shall be deposited in the State Treasury and credited to the State Fire Marshal's Fund. This fund shall be available to the State Fire Marshal for expenditure in the administration and enforcement of this article, training, and research programs. Provided, however, that no funds shall be withdrawn or expended except as budgeted and allocated according to Sections 41-4-80 to 41-4-96 and Sections 41-19-1 to 41-19-12, inclusive, and only in amounts as stipulated in the general appropriations bills or other appropriations bills. Any unencumbered and any unexpended balance of this fund remaining at the end of any fiscal year shall not lapse or revert to the General Fund, but shall be carried forward for the purposes of this article until expended.

(Acts 1993, No. 93-713, p. 1391, §16.)