Section 8-21B-3


The following words shall have the following meanings:

(1) DEALER. A person, corporation, partnership, or other business entity primarily engaged in the business of retail sales or leasing of heavy equipment and heavy equipment parts and who has an established place of business in this state. If a dealer's retail sales volume of heavy equipment and heavy equipment parts purchased from a single supplier is greater than 70 percent of such dealer's total retail sales volume of heavy equipment and heavy equipment parts during the 12-month period immediately prior to May 22, 2009, or the term of any dealer agreement entered into between the supplier and such dealer after May 22, 2009, then the dealer and such supplier shall not be subject to this chapter with respect to the dealer agreement and transactions between them, but the dealer shall otherwise be subject to this chapter with respect to dealer agreements and transactions with other suppliers.

(2) DEALER AGREEMENT. The agreement or contract, expressed or implied, oral or written, by and between a dealer and supplier which provides for the rights and obligations of the parties with respect to the purchase or sale of heavy equipment.

(3) EQUIPMENT or HEAVY EQUIPMENT. Self-propelled, self-powered, or pull-type equipment and machinery, primarily employed for construction, industrial, maritime, mining, or forestry usage. The term shall not include:

a. Motor vehicles requiring registration and certificates of title.

b. Equipment used for agriculture, horticulture, livestock, grazing, lawn and garden, or light industrial purposes which are subject to Chapter 21A.

(4) NET COST. The price the dealer pays to the supplier for heavy equipment and parts, including the freight costs from the supplier's location to the dealer's location, minus all applicable discounts allowed by the supplier.

(5) PARTS or HEAVY EQUIPMENT PARTS. The parts that the dealer purchased from the supplier for use on heavy equipment.

(6) PERSON. A natural person, partnership, association, corporation, or other legal entity or a combination of legal entities. The term also includes heirs, assigns, personal representatives, guardians, and successors in interest.

(7) RELEVANT MARKET AREA. The geographic area for which a dealer is assigned responsibility for selling or soliciting or advertising the sale or lease of heavy equipment under the terms of a dealer agreement.

(8) SUPPLIER. A person, partnership, corporation, association, or other form of business enterprise engaged in the manufacture, assembly, or wholesale distribution of heavy equipment and parts related thereto or any officer or agent thereof. The term also includes any successor in interest including any purchaser of assets or stock, any surviving corporation resulting from merger or liquidation, any receiver or assignee, or any trustee of the original supplier.

(Act 2009-755, p. 2279, §3.)