Section 8-25-2

Disclosures by merchant to consumer; inaccuracy due to acts, etc., after delivery; form of disclosure.

(a) The merchant shall disclose to the consumer the information required by this title. In a transaction involving more than one consumer, the merchant need disclose to only one of the consumers who are primarily obligated. In a transaction involving more than one merchant, only one merchant need make the disclosures.

(b) The disclosures shall be made clearly and conspicuously in writing in a form that the consumer may keep. The required disclosure may be made a part of the rental-purchase agreement or provided on a separate form.

(c) If a disclosure becomes inaccurate as the result of any act, occurrence, or agreement after delivery of the required disclosure, the resulting inaccuracy is not a violation of this title.

(d) For each rental-purchase agreement, the lessor shall disclose the following items, as applicable:

(1) Whether the merchandise is new or has been previously rented;

(2) The amount and timing of periodic payments;

(3) A brief explanation of other charges besides rental payments for which the consumer may be liable;

(4) The total number of rental payments required and the total amount to be paid to acquire ownership of the merchandise;

(5) That the consumer does not acquire ownership rights unless the consumer has complied with the ownership terms of the agreement; and

(6) A statement explaining who is liable for loss of or damage to the merchandise.

(e) The following form is an example of the form which may be used to satisfy the disclosure requirements of this section:

Rental-Purchase Discloures

1. Condition of property: new/previously rented

2. This agreement is for _____ week(s) or _____ month(s).

Weekly rental is _____.

Monthly rental is _____.

3. Other charges (specify):

4. Ownership:

If you renew this agreement for ______ weeks/months in a row, you will pay a total of $ _____ to own the property.

5. You do not own the property. You will not own the property unless you comply fully with the ownership terms of this agreement.

6. Explanation of liability for loss of or damage to property

(Acts 1986, No. 86-497, p. 945, §2.)