Section 8-32-9

Obligation of reimbursement insurance policy insurers.

(a) Where reimbursement insurance is applicable, providers are considered to be the agent of the insurer which issued the reimbursement insurance policy solely for purposes of obligating the insurers to service contract holders in accordance with the service contract and this chapter. In cases where a provider is acting as an administrator and enlists other providers, the provider acting as the administrator shall notify the insurer of the existence and identities of the other providers.

(b) This chapter shall not prevent or limit the right of an insurer which issued a reimbursement insurance policy to seek indemnification or subrogation against a provider if the insurer pays or is obligated to pay the service contract holder sums that the provider was obligated to pay pursuant to the provisions of the service contract.

(Acts 1997, No. 97-445, p. 753, §9.)