Section 8-33-13


This chapter applies to all vehicle protection products sold or offered for sale on or after January 1, 2007. The failure of any person to comply with this chapter prior to January 1, 2007, shall not be admissible in any court proceeding, administrative proceeding, arbitration, or alternative dispute resolution proceeding and may not otherwise be used to prove that the action of any person or the affected vehicle protection product was unlawful or otherwise improper. The adoption of this chapter does not imply that a vehicle protection product warranty was insurance prior to January 1, 2007. The penalty provisions of this chapter do not apply to any violation of this chapter relating to or in connection with the sale or failure to disclose in a retail installment contract or lease, or contract or agreement that provides for payments under a vehicle protection product warranty as long as the sale of such product, contract, or agreement was otherwise disclosed to the purchaser in writing at the time of the purchase or lease. In the event of a violation for which the penalty provisions of this chapter do not apply, the court shall award actual damages and costs, including reasonable attorney's fees. Nothing in this section shall be construed to require the application of the penalty provisions where this section is not applicable.

(Act 2006-600, p. 1638, §13.)