Section 8-33-2


As used in this chapter, the following words shall have the following meanings:

(1) ADMINISTRATOR. A third party other than the warrantor who is designated by the warrantor to be responsible for the administration of vehicle protection product warranties.

(2) COMMISSIONER. The Commissioner of the Department of Insurance.

(3) DEPARTMENT. The Department of Insurance.

(4) INCIDENTAL COSTS. Expenses specified in the warranty incurred by the warranty holder related to the failure of the vehicle protection product to perform as provided in the warranty. Incidental costs may include, without limitation, insurance policy deductibles, rental vehicle charges, the difference between the actual value of the stolen vehicle at the time of theft and the cost of a replacement vehicle, sales taxes, registration fees, transaction fees, and mechanical inspection fees.

(5) SERVICE CONTRACT. A contract or agreement as defined in subdivision (13) of Section 8-32-2.

(6) VEHICLE PROTECTION PRODUCT. A vehicle protection device, system, or service that is all of the following:

a. Installed on or applied to a vehicle.
b. Is designed to prevent loss or damage to a vehicle from a specific cause.
c. Includes a written warranty.
For purposes of this chapter, the term vehicle protection product shall include, without limitation, alarm systems, body part marking products, steering locks, window etch products, pedal and ignition locks, fuel and ignition kill switches, and electronic, radio, and satellite tracking devices. A vehicle protection product is not insurance for any purpose.

(7) VEHICLE PROTECTION PRODUCT WARRANTOR or WARRANTOR. A person who is contractually obligated to the warranty holder under the terms of the vehicle protection product warranty agreement. Warrantor does not include an authorized insurer providing a warranty reimbursement insurance policy.

(8) VEHICLE PROTECTION PRODUCT WARRANTY or WARRANTY. A written agreement by a warrantor that provides if the vehicle protection product fails to prevent loss or damage to a vehicle from a specific cause, that the warranty holder shall be paid specified incidental costs by the warrantor as a result of the failure of the vehicle protection product to perform pursuant to the terms of the warranty. Incidental costs may be reimbursed under the provisions of the warranty in either a fixed amount specified in the warranty or sales agreement or by use of a formula itemizing specific incidental costs incurred by the warranty holder.

(9) WARRANTY HOLDER. The person who purchases a vehicle protection product or who is a permitted transferee.

(10) WARRANTY REIMBURSEMENT INSURANCE POLICY. A policy of insurance that is issued to the vehicle protection product warrantor to provide reimbursement to the warrantor or to pay on behalf of the warrantor all covered contractual obligations incurred by the warrantor under the terms and conditions of the insured vehicle protection product warranties sold by the warrantor.

(Act 2006-600, p. 1638, §2.)