Section 8-34-4

Retention of items; payment; purchase from persons under 18 years of age.

(a) Any item purchased shall be held in the same shape and form as receipted for in the dealer's custody for 15 business days after delivering the list to the local law enforcement agency as required under this chapter.

(b) Payment to the seller shall be by check only, made payable to a named actual intended seller.

(c) It is presumptive evidence of intent to violate this chapter if the items purchased are not listed or fail to agree with the description contained in the required list.

(d) On notification by a law enforcement agency or district attorney's office that the items purchased are the fruits of a crime, the dealer may not dispose of those items.

(e) A dealer may not purchase items from any person under 18 years of age unless the person is accompanied by a parent or guardian who shall submit identification as required under this chapter.

(Act 2010-732, p. 1843, §4.)