Section 8-5-28

Action to charge endorser or assignor on contracts assigned by writing and not covered by Uniform Commercial Code - When holder of contract excused from bringing action, obtaining judgment, etc.

The holder of an endorsed or assigned contract which is not governed by the Uniform Commercial Code is excused from bringing an action, obtaining the judgment, and issuing the execution thereon when:

(1) The maker has no known place of residence in the state;

(2) By the use of ordinary diligence such residence cannot be ascertained;

(3) The action has been commenced in the county of the residence of the maker and a summons to the first and next succeeding court returned not found by the proper officer;

(4) A judgment against the maker has been defeated, in whole or in part, by a defense to the merits of such contract or writing or a setoff against any other than the endorsee or assignee;

(5) Any defense, except a setoff to the merits of such contract or writing, exists which would prevent a judgment for all or any portion of the sum due or the value of the thing payable by such contract or writing;

(6) The maker dies before the time expires for bringing an action or, if after an action brought, his estate is declared insolvent; or

(7) By any act or promise of the endorser, the plaintiff is induced to delay bringing such an action.

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