Section 8-7A-24

Party aggrieved by order entitled to hearing before commission; appeals from action of commission.

(a) Any person aggrieved by an order issued under this chapter shall be entitled to a hearing, as authorized for contested cases, pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act, Chapter 22 of Title 41, if the aggrieved person, within 28 days after delivery of the order, submits a written request for a hearing before the commission. The order shall disclose the right to a hearing upon written request within 28 days after delivery of the order. If no timely request for a hearing is made, the order shall constitute a final order of the commission.

(b) Any appeal from any final order of the commission shall be made to the Circuit Court of Montgomery County and shall be governed by the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act pertaining to judicial review.

(Act 2017-389, §2.)