Section 9-10-31

Certificate of incorporation - Contents; execution.

(a) The certificate of incorporation of the corporation shall state:

(1) The names of the persons forming the corporation together with the residence of each thereof and a statement that each of them is a duly qualified elector of and property owner in the county;
(2) The name of the corporation;
(3) The location of its principal office, which shall be in the county seat of the county; and
(4) Any other matters relating to the corporation which the incorporators may choose to insert and which shall not be inconsistent with this article or with the laws of the state.
The name designated for the corporation in the certificate of incorporation shall be one indicating the purpose thereof, such as "_____ County Water Conservation and Irrigation Corporation" or some other name of similar import.

(b) The certificate of incorporation shall be signed and acknowledged by the incorporators before an officer authorized by the laws of the state to take acknowledgments of deeds, and the certificate of incorporation shall have attached thereto a certified copy of the resolution provided for in Section 9-10-30 and a certificate by the Secretary of State that the name proposed for the corporation is not identical with that of any other corporation in the state or so nearly similar thereto as to lead to confusion and uncertainty.

(Acts 1955, No. 539, p. 1186, §2.)