Section 9-10B-16

Duties of commission.

The commission shall have the following duties:

(1) To advise the Governor and the presiding officers of the Senate and House, as necessary or as requested, on all matters related to the waters of the state as provided in this chapter;

(2) To provide guidance to the director and the division chief on all matters within the commission's scope of authority;

(3) To advise in the formulation of policies, plans, and programs of the Office of Water Resources in the performance of its functions and duties;

(4) To establish, adopt, promulgate, modify, repeal, and suspend any rules or regulations authorized pursuant to this chapter which may be applicable to the state as a whole or any of its geographical parts and to consider the adoption of any rule or regulation recommended by the division chief;

(5) To advise the Office of Water Resources to implement policies, plans, and programs governing the waters of the state; and

(6) To hear and determine appeals of administrative actions of the Office of Water Resources, including the administration of certificates of use or the issuance, modification, or repeal of any order, notice of violation or citation issued pursuant to subdivisions (17), (18) or (19) of Section 9-10B-5.

(Acts 1993, No. 93-44, p. 78, §17.)