Section 9-10B-25

Considerations when designating capacity stress areas; authority of local organizations to implement proposed actions.

During the designation of a capacity stress area, the commission shall give due consideration to any hydrologic boundaries or other geographical considerations in designating an area of the state as a capacity stress area. In addition, the commission shall determine whether any local organization, including, but not limited to, watershed management authorities, conservancy districts, or soil and water conservation districts, are duly organized and authorized to implement the proposed actions in a capacity stress area other than those actions delegated to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management pursuant to Section 9-10B-23. In the absence of local organizations or in the event any such local organizations do not have the authority or are not authorized to take the action proposed within the capacity stress area, the Office of Water Resources shall implement such actions promulgated and adopted by the commission; provided, however, the Office of Water Resources shall recognize, cooperate, and coordinate with any such local organizations involved with the management, conservation, protection, enhancement, and development of the waters of the state within the capacity stress area.

(Acts 1993, No. 93-44, p. 78, §26.)