Section 9-10C-3

Drought plan.

(a) The Office of Water Resources shall publish a drought plan for the State of Alabama which shall include as a minimum the following:

(1) Procedures for defining drought levels.

(2) ADAPT and MIG operating procedures.

(3) Drought-related information collection, storage, and dissemination procedures.

(4) Procedures related to the issuance of drought declarations.

(5) Procedures for the development of inputs to the drought monitor.

(6) Measures that encourage water conservation and efficiency throughout the state.

(7) Public information and outreach on drought related programs and conditions.

(b) The plan shall be updated periodically but no less than every five years.

(c) Upon adoption by the state of any statewide legislation addressing water resource planning or policy, OWR shall review the drought plan and no later than 180 days following the adoption of the legislation shall make any changes in the plan necessary to ensure it is consistent with that legislation.

(Act 2014-400, p. 1466, §3.)