Section 9-11-142

Use of commercial fishing gear in public impounded waters and navigable streams - License - Individual licenses required; exception for certain assistants.

It is the intent of this article that the license provided herein for the taking of commercial or nongame fish from the public impounded waters and navigable streams of the State of Alabama shall be issued upon an individual basis only, and, except to the extent otherwise provided for in this article, each person engaging in such activities or operations shall be required to purchase said license. It is hereby provided, however, that each person licensed pursuant to the provisions of Sections 9-11-141 and 9-11-142 may be assisted by one "helper" or assistant, who shall, while in the course of such assistance, be located in the licensed person's boat and/or shall be accompanied by the licensed person at all times. While engaged in providing such assistance, said "helper" or assistant shall be exempt from the otherwise applicable licensing requirements of Sections 9-11-141 and 9-11-142.

(Acts 1953, No. 784, p. 1069, §1 1/2 ; Acts 1991, No. 91-580, p. 1067, §2.)