Section 9-11-143

Use of commercial fishing gear in public impounded waters and navigable streams - License - Issuance; fees; records; disposition of fees.

The judge of probate, the commissioner of licenses or such person or persons duly appointed by the Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources and so authorized by him to issue the license provided by this article shall issue such a license to any resident of this state complying with the provisions of this article and shall sign his name and shall require the person to whom the license is issued to sign his name on the margin thereof. The license for the use of such commercial fishing gear as authorized under the provisions of this article shall be $100.00. A resident of the State of Alabama, as applicable to this article, shall be a person who has resided continuously in this state for 12 months next preceding the application for said license. The person or persons issuing said licenses shall keep in a book or on specially prepared sheets to be furnished by the Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources a correct and complete record of all licenses issued, which record shall remain in his office and be open to inspection by the public at all reasonable times. Judges of probate and other persons authorized and designated to issue licenses shall retain out of the money received for each license issued by them under the provisions of this article $1.00 for each license issued, which amount shall cover services required by the provisions of this article, and shall remit the balance to the Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources on the first of each month. Said judges of probate and all other duly authorized and designated persons shall report to the Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources of the State of Alabama on the first day of each month the number and kind of licenses issued under this article and the name and post office address of the person or persons to whom issued, giving opposite each name the serial number of the license so issued and the amount of money remitted; provided, that if any such license is issued by any probate judge, license commissioner or any other officer who is paid a salary for the performance of his duties as such officer, he shall be required to remit the entire amount collected to the Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources, except the amount charged by the issuing officer for the issuance of such license, and this amount shall be remitted to the treasurer of the county in which said license was paid.

(Acts 1953, No. 784, p. 1069, §4; Acts 1966, Ex. Sess., No. 402, p. 545; Acts 1991, No. 91-580, p. 1067, §3.)