Section 9-11-154

Records of wholesalers and retailers of freshwater nongame fish; inspection, etc., of records.

All wholesalers and retailers of freshwater nongame fish in this state shall be required to keep in record form the names and addresses of the persons, firms, corporations or associations from whom said fish were purchased or received and the date or dates of such purchase or receipt. The Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources or such other persons appointed and designated by him for such purpose shall have power and authority at any and all reasonable hours to inspect and examine the books and records of any person, firm, association or corporation engaging in the business of wholesaling or retailing freshwater nongame fish in order to determine the amount of license fees due under this article and to ascertain the names and addresses of persons, firms, associations or corporations from whom or to whom the fish were purchased, received, shipped or consigned.

(Acts 1953, No. 784, p. 1069, §13.)