Section 9-11-191

Catching of nongame fish from public waters by use of wire baskets - License - Required; issuance; fees; disposition of fees.

Any person desiring a license to fish with such wire basket in areas where they may be legalized by regulation as provided for in this article may apply to the probate judge or other appropriate licensing authority in any county of this state affected by the provisions of this article and shall pay a privilege license tax of $1.00 for each wire basket he proposes to fish. Judges of probate, license commissioners or other persons authorized and designated to issue fishing licenses shall be entitled to a fee of $.25 for each license so issued, which fee shall be in addition to the amount designated in this article as the cost of such license; provided, that all fees collected by any probate judge or license commissioner who is paid a salary for the performance of his duties shall be paid by him into the county treasury to the credit of the appropriate fund.

The revenue derived from the sale of the license provided for in this section shall be remitted to the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources on the first day of each month by the issuing officer and shall be covered into the State Treasury to the credit of the Game and Fish Fund.

(Acts 1967, No. 287, p. 814, §2.)