Section 9-11-264

Liability for injury or damage to persons or domestic animals of persons using traps, etc., to take, capture, etc., fur-bearing animals; exemption of Lawrence County.

Any person shall be strictly liable for civil damages who causes the injury or damage to any person or domestic animal as a result of using any trap or similar device on public land to take, capture, or kill any of the fur-bearing animals protected by the laws or regulations of this state.

Any person who suffers injury or damage to his person or domestic animal as a result of such activity shall have an action for civil damages and such aggrieved person need not prove negligence.

The provisions of this section shall not apply to Lawrence County.

(Acts 1977, No. 801, p. 1381, §2; Acts 1979, No. 79-123, p. 154, §1; Act 2015-485, §1.)