Section 9-11-345

Invoices to be attached to packages of carcasses.

Such pen-raised quail, when dressed and marked as provided in this article, when delivered into the hands and possession of the purchaser, his agent or common carrier or into the hands of a donee and prior to leaving the place of the licensed breeder by whatever method employed, shall have firmly and substantially attached to the package an invoice signed by such licensed breeder or his agent stating the number of the license, the number of quail contained in said package and the name and address of the purchaser, consignee or donee. Such invoice shall authorize transportation within this state, possession and use for 30 days after its date and shall be substantially in the following form:

Name of licensed breeder. Number

of breeder's license, Date _____

of _______ 2___

Kind and number of quail ______

Name of consignee ______

Address of consignee ______

This authorizes transportation within

this state, possession and sale

for 30 days after date if

attached to package.

By: _____ (Breeder)

______ (Agent)

(Acts 1959, No. 408, p. 1040, §5.)