Section 9-11-394

Taking, transportation, sale, etc., of marine mammals, etc., in violation of provisions of article, etc.

Except as provided for by an international treaty, convention or agreement to which the United States is a party or by any statute implementing any such treaty, convention or agreement, it shall be unlawful:

(1) For any person or vessel or other conveyance to take any marine mammal in waters or on lands under the jurisdiction of Alabama;

(2) For any person to use any port, harbor or other place under the jurisdiction of Alabama for any purpose in any way connected with the taking of marine mammals or marine mammal products;

(3) For any reason, with respect to any marine mammal taken in violation of this article and regulations promulgated thereunder or the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 and regulations promulgated thereunder:

a. To possess any such mammal; or

b. To transport, sell or offer for sale any such mammal or any marine mammal product made from any such mammal; or

(4) For any person to use, in a commercial fishery, any means or methods of fishing in contravention of any regulations or limitations issued by the Secretary of Commerce or the commissioner to achieve the purposes of this article.

(Acts 1976, No. 690, p. 953, §5.)