Section 9-11-56.4

Disabled three-day fishing event license.

Effective with the license year beginning September 1, 2014, there shall be a disabled three-day fishing event license, for events sanctioned by the Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources. Except as otherwise provided herein for additional persons, the license shall permit up to 20 disabled residents or non-resident persons plus up to 20 resident and non-resident assistants, in such numbers as determined to be reasonably necessary by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, to purchase the license as an alternative to any recreational fishing license otherwise applicable under this chapter, which shall permit such persons, for a period not to exceed 72 consecutive hours, to engage in those same activities as the holders of the annual freshwater fishing license in Section 9-11-53. The license fee shall be one hundred dollars ($100). Notwithstanding the foregoing, any additional disabled persons over the 20-person limit shall be charged an additional five dollars ($5) per person, which amount, subject to the approval of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, may include an additional assistant.

(Act 2014-340, p. 1262, §4.)