Section 9-11-70

Hunting, fishing, or trapping with revoked or suspended license; licenses not transferable; penalties.

(a) No person shall hunt, fish, or trap in areas or under any conditions that a hunting, fishing, or trapping license is required by law, during any period that the person's hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges pursuant to the license have been revoked or suspended by a court of competent jurisdiction.

(b) Unless specifically otherwise authorized by law, all hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses issued pursuant to this chapter shall not be transferable, and it shall be unlawful to borrow, lend, or alter any such license, provide false information in the process of obtaining any such license, or for any license-issuing officer to falsify any license at the time of issuing the license.

(c) A violation of this section shall be a Class B misdemeanor punishable as provided by law.

(Act 2007-418, p. 874, §3.)