Section 9-11-84

Sale, transportation, etc., of game fish taken from public or private waters.

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to sell or offer for sale within this state, or ship or transport for sale within or without this state, or to ship into this state any game fish caught or taken in any of the fresh waters, whether public or private, of this state or any other state. All species of black bass, white bass, yellow bass, saltwater striped bass, bream, and pickerel, as well as walleye, sauger, black and white crappie, and yellow perch are designated game fish for the purpose of this section.

(b) This section shall not apply to the sale of game fish raised in hatcheries and sold for the purposes of stocking ponds and lakes, nor shall it apply to the sale of nonnative game fish raised for human consumption, nor shall it apply to the sale of yellow perch, largemouth bass, shellcracker, and bluegill bream raised in farm ponds; provided, that, prior to any sale provided for in this section, the seller shall have first obtained a permit for the sale from the Commissioner, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

(c) Nothing in this section shall prevent the practice of private pond owners or managers charging for game fish caught by fishermen from the pond when the charges are based on the number of fish caught or the total pounds caught.

(d) A violation of this section shall constitute a misdemeanor; and, upon conviction thereof, the person, firm, or corporation convicted shall be fined not less than five hundred dollars ($500) nor more than one thousand dollars ($1,000) for each offense.

(Acts 1975, No. 1172, p. 2303, §§1-4; Act 2008-384, p. 714, §1; Act 2011-682, p. 2013, §1.)