Section 9-12-115

Reports of seafood dealers.

Each and every person, firm, or corporation holding a seafood dealer's license issued by the Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources or his or her authorized agent shall under oath make a monthly report to the Director of the Marine Resources Division of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources on blanks provided for that purpose by the director, which report shall show in detail the weight in pounds of each species of fish purchased from commercial fishermen during the preceding month. The reports required by this section shall be in the hands of the director by the tenth day of each month for the immediately previous month, and willful failure or refusal to make the report by the required date or upon notification by the director that the report has not been received or the filing of a false report shall be deemed a violation of this section, and the Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources shall have the discretion to suspend or cancel the dealer's license until the provisions of this section are complied with, and the license shall not be used by any person, firm, or corporation until the dealer's license is restored by the Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources. The commissioner may, by regulation, require reports on a more frequent basis for those species managed under a quota system, with the same penalty provisions applicable for failure or refusal to report. The commissioner may by regulation, require the reports to be formatted to comply with gulf-wide trip tickets.

(Acts 1943, No. 587, p. 590, §6; Acts 1995, No. 95-287, p. 535, §4.)