Section 9-12-140

Sale or barter of salvageable parts of liberty ships provided for establishment of artificial fishing reefs - Authorized; disposition of proceeds.

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Division of Marine Resources, acting through the Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources, may undertake and provide for such conditions of sale or barter as may be necessary, expedient and to the best interest of the state to prepare Alabama's share of the 15 liberty ships made available by the federal government to the States of Alabama, Mississippi and Florida for the purpose of establishing artificial fishing reefs in their coastal waters. The Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources may realize such moneys as may be possible from the sale or barter of any salvageable parts of said vessels, including the trade of salvageable items for services rendered in preparing the vessels for submersion in Alabama offshore waters. Any moneys derived from such sale or barter transactions may only be used (and same is hereby appropriated for such purpose) by the Division of Marine Resources for meeting the costs incurred in establishing the artificial reefs. Any funds not so used shall be deposited in the State Treasury to the credit of the funds of the Marine Resources Division.

(Acts 1973, No. 437, p. 629, §1.)