Section 9-12-204

Marketing or taking of alligators; rules and regulations; tagging; affidavit; transportation of carcass.

Alligators raised on such licensed breeding farms may be sold alive to other licensed alligator farmers only, or taken for their skins or for food, according to such rules and regulations as the department may promulgate. All skins shall be tagged according to rules and regulations of the department. The severance tax, as provided in Section 9-12-210, shall be paid before the raw alligator skins are sold or shipped within or without the state, and a written affidavit as to the number and kinds of skins sold or shipped shall be furnished to the department as specified. No alligator carcass or parts intended for sale shall be shipped, transported, sold, or offered for sale unless tagged according to department regulations.

(Acts 1989, No. 89-874, p. 1749, §5.)