Section 9-12-233

Additional surcharge on saltwater fishing licenses.

Effective for a period of five years following June 1, 2008, there is levied a surcharge of up to eight dollars ($8), as set by the Commissioner of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, on each annual resident and nonresident saltwater fishing license issued under Sections 9-11-53.1, 9-11-53.2, 9-11-53.5, 9-11-55.2, and 9-11-55.3. The surcharge shall be in addition to the regular license and issuance fees on such licenses and shall be collected in the same manner as those fees. The surcharge shall not apply to saltwater licenses issued to disabled persons. The proceeds from the surcharge shall be deposited into the Marine Resources Restoration Fund established in Section 9-12-234 and used for the purposes specified therein.

(Act 2008-467, p. 1022, §5.)