Section 9-12-37

Use of mechanical rake dredges, etc., dredge license.

Owners of private oyster reefs, beds, or bottoms and the lessees or designated permittees of such reefs, beds, or bottoms may use any mechanical means at their disposal and at any time between the hours of sunrise and sunset, including the use of mechanical rake dredges, to cultivate and harvest or remove live oysters of any size upon or from such grounds. Such a person shall first obtain a dredge license as provided in Section 9-12-87. The license may be revoked by the Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources if any violation of any statute or rule relating to the use of the mechanical devices occurs, and the commissioner may thereafter refuse to issue a new license to the person.

(Acts 1959, No. 632, p. 1538, §1; Act 2010-699, p. 1692, §1.)