Section 9-12-51

Tax on shrimp taken for canning, drying or shipping within state.

It shall be unlawful to catch or market saltwater shrimp for commercial purposes, that is, for canning, drying or shipping within the state, unless a tax of $.12 per barrel is paid by the person, firm or corporation catching the same for the purpose of canning, drying or shipping or purchasing the same from independent shrimp fishermen for the purpose of canning, drying or shipping, and said tax shall be paid at the Division of Marine Resources headquarters not later than the fifth day of each month. Any person, firm or corporation who is delinquent in paying such tax as provided in this section will be assessed a penalty in the amount of 10 percent of the total tax due and shall also be assessed, as interest, an amount equal to six percent per annum of the sum of the delinquent tax. The said tax each month must be accompanied by a form supplied by the Division of Marine Resources, stating thereon the number of barrels of shrimp handled by said person, firm or corporation during the preceding month, and said tax shall be considered delinquent unless accompanied by said form.

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