Section 9-12-54

Payment of taxes.

All taxes mentioned in this article shall be paid by the persons, firms or corporations, commonly known as dealers, factories or shippers, first marketing the oysters, shrimp, terrapins, turtles or other seafood products, and any person who has purchased same from a dealer, factory, shipper or any other person who has paid the tax thereon shall not be taxed again. Said taxes shall be paid to the Director, Marine Resources Division of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources or any other officers of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources charged with enforcing the provisions of this article. Unless otherwise provided by law, all taxes, licenses and fines collected under this article shall be forwarded on the first of the following month to the Treasurer to be placed to the credit of the Seafoods Fund.

(Acts 1923, No. 504, p. 672, § 5; Code 1923, § 2770; Acts 1931, No. 361, p. 424, § 11; Code 1940, T. 8, § 128.)