Section 9-14-22

Advertisements and solicitations for sealed bids; submission and opening of bids; original bids and documents to be retained and open to public inspection.

(a) The Division of Parks shall advertise for sealed bids on all concessions by publication of notice thereof one time in a newspaper published in Montgomery County, Alabama, or in any other manner and for such lengths of time as the Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources may determine; provided, however, that the Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources shall also solicit sealed bids by sending notice by mail to all persons, firms or corporations who have filed a request in writing that they be listed for solicitation on bids for such concessions as are set forth in such request. If any person, firm or corporation whose name is listed fails to respond to any solicitation for bids after the receipt of three such solicitations, such listing may be cancelled.

(b) All bids shall be sealed when submitted, shall be opened in public at the hour stated in the notice and all original bids together with all documents pertaining to the award of the contract shall be retained and made a part of a permanent file or record and shall be open to public inspection.

(Acts 1971, No. 2440, p. 3900, §4.)